Juices & Smoothies

Power 100 by Burke Bryant May 26 2017

Power 100 was designed for the athlete. 2 Beets, 164g 1 Apple (granny smith) 4 Celery sticks Ginger knob 1 inch. 1 scoop of Raw Liyf  Protein Powder This juice is high in vitamin K which helps keep teeth and bones strong and the high amount of Folate helps increase serotonin levels helping  with depression. This recipe is hydrating and good for the skin and keeping energy levels high.

Power 88 by Burke Bryant May 26 2017

Power 88 by Burke Bryant Energy, Detoxification, Viral Infections, Vitamin Rich 1 Beet, whole 4 Carrots, medium 1 Apple (Granny Smith), medium1 cup mint loosely packed1 scoop of Raw Liyf Protein Powder This juice boosts energy, improves cardiovascular functions, lowers blood pressure and helps with the treatment and prevention of cancer. The carrots and beet together make a sweet, flavorful blend and can be drank before a workout for a super energized session.

Mega Man - Strength & Muscle Repair by Burke Bryant May 26 2017

For the Athlete - Strength, Muscle Repair & Recovery 5oz. Almond Milk (see: Almond Milk Recipe) 2 frozen bananas 3 dates 2 scoops of Raw Liyf Berry Protein Powder 1 tbs. raw almond butter

Gorilla Milk by Lou Corona May 26 2017

  An amazingly powerful green juice definitely worth the weight of a Gorilla! A combination of delicious, sweet, almond coconut milk with the additional nutrients of the green juice! Perfect for kids and adults and an easy way to ensure getting your daily dose of veggies! Ingredients (Almond Coconut Milk) 1 Cup Almonds (Soaked 24 hours) 3 Cups  Coconut water 1 Cup Coconut Meat (from a young coconut) Dash Himalayan Salt Dash Cinnamon 2...

Green Smoothie by Lou Corona May 24 2017

Refreshing blend of fruit and greens that is the perfect sweet drink, complete with alkalinizing and mineralization properties! Lou Corona’s Tip: Green smoothies are very beneficial because it allows us to get the satisfaction of a sweet drink combined with the alkalinizing and mineralization properties. This type of smoothie is packed with plenty of the essential fatty acids, amino acids and glucose the body requires in order to be lean, clean and serene....

Coconut & Fruit Smoothie by Lou Corona May 24 2017

Lou’s Tip: Blended foods are easier on the system to assimilate and absorb into the body. This type of smoothie is incredible for getting all of the essential fatty acids, amino acids and glucose the body needs. This smoothie will assist in building lean muscle and regenerates the organs, as well as providing the fuel the body needs to sustain high energy.   Ingredients 1/2-1 Cup Almond Coconut Yogurt (or your preferred nut...