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 The discovery of Truehope's renowned multivitamin formulation began in early 1994. Anthony Stephan’s wife, Debora, followed in her father’s footsteps and succumbed to suicide after her 10 year battle with bipolar disorder. Now the sole provider for their 10 children, 2 of which, Joseph and Autumn, had inherited their mothers disorder, Anthony soon discovered that the psychiatric medications that had failed his wife were now also failing his children. Anthony knew there had to be another way. 

 Seeing his children progress down an all too familiar path with only one possible outcome, Anthony turned to God, begging for an answer. After months of frequent mediation, an answer came in November of 1995. He learned that vitamins and minerals had been used to resolve similar disorders in the agricultural industry. Feeling inspired, he immediately put it to the test on his son Joseph, but results were poor. He persisted and on January 18th of 1996, he succeeded with a specific combination of vitamins and minerals in a particular balance which produced almost immediate results. Anthony’s prayers had been answered and Joseph and Autumn were finally well. Now 18 years later, they both enjoy happy, fulfilling lives and have beautiful families of their own. 

 Since the initial discovery, the original combination of vitamins and minerals has been extensively refined and is now known as the Truehope formulation. This product has gone on to assist tens of thousands of people to achieve mental well-being. It has since become one of the most broadly studied natural products for mental health and is backed by 25 (more all the time) medical journal publications attesting to its outstanding efficacy. 

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Truehope was established to set and define the global standard of what true healing means by designing and applying evidence-based products and professional quality programs, accessible and tailored to the needs of men, women and children providing them with the knowledge and education necessary for individual ownership of health. At Truehope we commit to overcoming regulatory issues, educating humankind on prevention and treatment of nutritional deficiency disorders and establishing a new mainstream culture of noninvasive healing.

By leading out with compassion having trust in God we will. Every action towards the great pinnacle of hope.


To be the recognized global leader and standard for the research and development of effective nutritional products and quality programs that restore and maintain mental and physical well-being, therefore providing hope healing and health to all.


We will approach each new day in a spirit of love and conduct ourselves with compassion, understanding, fairness, respect, dignity, honesty and integrity, recognizing these as the fundamental values that underlie every successful endeavor.