About Irth Store

Irth Store was designed & created in 2014 by Melissa Sterling & Burke Bryant after they each saw a need to extend their pre-existing health and lifestyle services further than just seminars and private coaching. 

Today Irth Store provides select, high-quality, products and services to thousands of people each month worldwide. Each product offered has been tested, scrutinized, and endorsed personally by both Melissa & Burke. 

The main focus of Irth Store will always be to offer only clean, natural, high-quality products that help to promote a happy, healthy lifestyle for all. Our intention is on assisting you, as a unique individual, so that you may live the happiest, healthiest life possible.  

 "To your happiness and health always!" 

Melissa Sterling's Founding Story

Thanks for visiting. I’m Melissa Sterling, human happiness and
health advocate and proud founder of Irth Store.

Welcome to my personal experience - Here’s a quick rundown of how this site came about…

In 2013, while visiting a hotel in Scottsdale AZ to recover from a car crash, [my vehicle was struck by a semi truck,] I was knocked unconscious when a 50lb steel plate fell down from the elevator ceiling and onto my head. I know right? Apparently the Universe was delivering me a message and I hadn't been listening...

After being rushed to the hospital and being treated for concussion, I was left struggling to speak, walk and navigate in life. I felt alone and without support. No one seemed to be able to help me understand what was going on and I detached myself from the things in life that usually brought me joy. I quit having fun, couldn't perform at work, racked up a bunch of debt and lost ownership stake in my real estate holding.I became very depressed as my life seemed to slip away from my control. As the time went by I continued spiraling further and further in debt and depression. It seemed that everywhere I turned I was given even more confusing and conflicting information. I didn’t know what to do.

I needed help to assist my healing journey, but everywhere I turned seemed to point me in different directions and the information was both conflicting and confusing. Done with not being able to find people and products I could trust and fed up reading labels and researching ingredients I knew I needed to take control over my own life. I was ready to be happy and healthy and committed to taking responsibility. I was being mislead by doctors and needed new information. I decided to take control of my own health. It was then my life truly started to expand.

And then it happened - a little at a time - Along my way I came across gems that were so good I just had to tell others about them. As I began to collect what was working for me I realized that I had developed an amazing collection that could also help others. I decided to share these products online and start my own business. I wanted to share with others the very best of what had worked for me. It’s a growing collection as I learn and grow and expand.


Melissa & Steele Sterling

The Sterling's - Melissa & Steele


 Melissa Sterling was born in Canada, 1980. Adversity    taught her life lessons through painful struggle which are  now appreciated by her followers. She is currently made of  plants and travels to various countries to eat more of them.

 As a natural guide, intuitive healer, international speaker  and workshop facilitator she uses her knowledge and  experience to offer help, spread happiness and bring hope  wherever she goes. To learn more about working with Melissa Sterling, CLICK HERE

In 2015 Melissa embarked on an entirely new life when her daughter joined her on her journey. Steele Sterling can be found alongside her mom pretty much everywhere.  




Burke Bryant

Burke Bryant - Holistic Health Educator

Burke Bryant has been thriving on a raw food diet since 2000. He's also a master raw chef and has made foods for for dozens of celebrities including Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, David Duchovany, Tia Leoni, Daryl Hannah & Mila Jovovich.

Bryant was trained in holistic education under Lou Corona and learned food preparation by both Lou & Julian Brotman. Bryant is considered one of the most highly respected Holisitc Health Educators of his time and has helped heal thousands of people suffering from disease and sickness. 

As of 2017 Irth Store now ships globally.
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Our team does not claim to be licensed medical professionals. 
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